Digital Transformation

Use AI & Small Data to automate & simplify the user experience of your customers, cut costs and increase the productivity for your employees

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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. 100% on Time. 100% on Budget. Guaranteed.

At LIFEdata, we create more than just technology, we create intelligence.

Our mission is to turn any organization into a thinking business.
By embedding a cognitive system that autonomously understands and reasons at scale on dark data generated by people and things, each organization can make the most of its unique competitive advantage.

LIFEdata is a scalable Data Science and Artificial Intelligence software development service powered by machine learning which provides a 100% on-time and on-budget guarantee.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. 100% on Time. 100% on Budget. Guaranteed.
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. 100% on Time. 100% on Budget. Guaranteed.

We transform businesses by shaping the way people interact with them. We specialize in Omnichannel AI solutions for Online-to-Offline (O2O) and Online-merging-Offline (OMO) via the IoT, to help you grow your business and cut costs by enabling the adoption of the latest innovations on Experience Design, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

IoT, AI and Blockchain are driving a connected, as-a-service economy, and any businesses must adapt quickly, deciding whether to move up or out.

Use AI & Small Data to automate & simplify the user experience of your customers, cut costs and increase productivity.

From Data to Data-Driven Solutions

Smart Bot Development

(Smart Assistants, Omnichannel, WhatsApp for Business …)

Intelligent Automation

(AI, NLP, Machine Learning, Automated Commerce, Recommendation Engines …)

Digital Transformation

(Big Data, IoT, Smart Collaboration, Knowledge Management, Process Digitalization …)

How to turn Data into Profits

Business Discovery
Business Discovery
  • Service design (UX, Processes, Smart Experiences ...)
  • Knowledge augmentation
  • Business modelling & Ecosystem
Experience Design
Experience Design
  • Omni-channel (Touchpoints, Non transactional interactions)
  • Complexity reduction & Behavior change
  • Business-driven interaction (Consumer insight monetization)
Data Science & Analytics
Data Science & Analytics
  • Data discovery
  • Data collection, aggregation & enrichment
  • Intelligent analytics & Data visualization
AI & AI-Led Automation
AI & AI-Led Automation
  • Predictive modelling & AI
  • End-to-end experience
  • Digital/physical (O2O, OMO)

Discover How To Use AI & Small Data To To Cut Costs And Increase The Productivity of Your Employees

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Digital Transformation

LIFEdata brings together data, systems, and people for a digitally connected business

Digital Transformation

We connect your customers and employees, creating smart, data-driven, personalized experiences by bridging digital and physical world via the Internet of Things.

User journeys are the new sales funnels.

We power Interaction-First Businesses.
In a connected world, purchase paths are no longer linear. Instead, users interact with your business across multiple experiences and channels before making a purchase.

By leveraging smartphone sensor data we enable our partners to deliver high relevant contextual communications to their users, detecting and predicting human behavior.

Behavior design is the new loyalty program.

Make each one of us count in the AI world. Merge the physical and digital world. We power the On-Demand Economy: Context-aware, Instant everything. LIFEdata uses human science to put people back at the center of business decision-making.

Data science and AI are the new business process optimization.

We power the Internet of YOU. Data science improves your business ability to orchestrate interactions in the ecosystem. We chose conversational automation, powered by AI and behavioral science. We make your business smart with conversation-led automation, generating context-aware, instant conversation at scale anywhere, to advance forward a step in a business process, a conversation needs to be held.

Digital Transformation

Work Smarter and more Agile

Messagging is the new browser.
Smart assistants are the new websites.
AI is the invisible enabler that make it simple and seamless as texting to a friend.




Simply Speak

Having a conversation between your brand and your customers builds loyalty. We enable customized, tailored and adaptive intelligence to make each experience the best it can be.


More than just a frustrating chatbot that relaunch FAQs, AI that learns about your clients over time to customize their experience. Different moments require different answers, we target the best answer for the time, place and intention.


As we learn more, we create a bond between your brand and your customers by overlaying the customer lifestyle with smart, digital experiences.

Digital Innovation Support

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We're Nimble,
But International

We help you solve problems from scratch, no matter the size, or we jump in to assist you with whatever you already have rolling. Our teams are committed just to your project. We do it all, and we do it better, faster and right.

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Imagine an AI company with the creativity of a startup and expertise of an enterprise. We deliver faster, smarter and user-based services that enable deep customer development while generating revenue.

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We Guarantee

We do not share work we have done for other clients. As company who deals with data, we keep our client’s confidentially, and we will keep yours too.