2 August, 2018

LIFEdata nominated for Plug & Play Silicon Valley 2018

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LIFEdata has been nominated for Plug & Play Health 2018 selection days.
Plug & Play is one of the most reputable ecosystem connecting forward thinking corporations and VC’s with startups that are developing technology that is defining “Health & Wellness”.

Plug & Play connects the best startups in the world to corporations who want to disrupt the healthcare industry. We focus on digital health technologies that challenge clinical practices, improve data analytics, and enhance the patient journey across the continuum of care.

Plug & Play’s senior associates recently shared a list of more 100 interesting startups in the health space with their corporate partners (Servier, J&J, UMMC, BI, Ascension, AstraZeneca, Willis Towers Watson, and others), and they’ve narrowed that list to a select group they’d like to see pitch live in Sunnyvale on August 16th.

LifeData was one of the highly ranked startups on that shortlist.

LIFEdata’s PersonalHEALTH technology is mainly focused on conditions that pills and procedures can control but not fix, like T2 diabetes and heart disease.
They’re growing, they’re interconnected and have an average healthcare cost of € 12.000 per year.
Over 95% of our life happens out of the clinic.

This is why we’ve developed a personalized care management system that uses behavioral science to help people change their behaviors, improve control over their health and reduce healthcare costs.

We help caregivers, employers, consumer health organizations and insurers to use connected devices as a personal health guide – in a continuum of care – to tackle T2 diabetes and heart disease at a fraction of the cost of in-person support, in real time, 24/7.
First insights shows an average cost reduction of 25% and the big advantage of making use of the wealth of health data that already generated.


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