medica digital health
medica digital health
31 October, 2018


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Consumers and patients all over the world are benefiting from digitalization in the world of medicine.

LIFEdata has been selected to showcase some use cases of its proprietary solution, PersonalHEALTH at MEDICA DISRUPT, within the scope of the MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM.

MEDICA is the world’s leading medical trade fair in Düsseldorf which attracts over 5,000 exhibitors from around 70 countries and it’s becoming an even bigger hotspot for innovative young companies, reflecting the worldwide trend of digitalization within the healthcare industry with a focus on start-ups.

LIFEdata PersonalHEALTH is a data-driven, contextual behavior change platform which continuously learns and adapts to the user building a bridge between individual wellbeing (quantified biology), physical world and digital experience, thus enabling scalable chronic conditions prevention cost effectively. We have built a platform focused on personalized digital treatments that uses various sources of data and converts them into actionable connected experiences for healthy living or augment the real-life value of therapeutics.

Transform health from an expert-driven field – with poor predictive power and large gaps in its fundamental understanding of human biology – into a data-driven predictive science that makes it as easy as possible for individuals of all ages to take a more active role in managing their health.

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