Organizational performance AI app

Managers are busy people. They often have large teams of direct reports to evaluate, observe, answer questions from and report on – not to mention their other job responsibilities. One-on-one coaching often falls by the wayside, yet it’s a hugely important tool for managers to use to engage and retain employees and even to improve organizational performance.



How can managers make the most of the time they have to provide the most effective coaching and feedback to their employees?



We customized LIFEdata neural network and conversational AI bot to deliver a self-learning virtual leadership coaching experience.

The app starts building a personalized profile for each owner using evidence-based behavior change models, neuroscience and predictive analytics to provide employees with support specific to their condition and circumstances, with the right intervention, in the right way at the right time. Leveraging the numerous, intent-rich moments when people turn to their smartphones to act on a need to learn something or do something, our apps enable self-discovery and uncover personalized areas to discuss for in-depth coaching such as:

  • Leadership
  • Change
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity.

Digital checkups are smart, flexible algorithms that determine what to ask and what to say, to whom, and at what frequency. Our technology accurately captures, analyzes and impact behavior through artificial intelligence matching the employees tasks in agenda with biometrical measurements and neuroscience-based Q&A to:

  • Analyze fatigue, risk and productivity in relation to task for each employee and compare them to the average KPI in the organization
  • Recognize activities that cause stress
  • Protect your company preventing specific unpredictable human resource risks due to burnout, limited attention span/ADHD, sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety…


Organizational performance is maximized

  • Using big data, biology and neuroscience insights to evaluate profiles, roles, risks and productivity to leverage value creation and efficiency through job rotation, burn out prevention and human resource risk hedging
  • Nobody can fight his biology! Use behavioral and neuro science to assess leadership, emotional intelligence, coachability, executive skills, response to stress, sleep deprivation and alcohol to identify the best talent for C-level roles, Sales, Marketing, Operations… nurturing their inherited talent.





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Organizational performance coaching app

Use data to build new value

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