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Digital Tranformation and Big Data

>We help organizations drive strategic value from investments in AI and machine learning.

The three currently most prominent enterprise technologies are without doubt AI, blockchain, and IoT, and the driving factor behind them is data; people even go so far to proclaim that “data is the new oil”. New technologies enable collection, sharing, analysis of data, and automation of decisions based on them in ways that haven’t been possible before in what is essentially a data value chain.

But if data is not aggregated it represents just a cost, this is why we excel in any smart digital data capture techniques combined with AI-powered processing. Chatbots have demonstrated their effectiveness in gathering Big Data. With high volume of conversations daily, its velocity of information as well as the variety of questions and needs from users, make bots a potential source of information.

Digital Transformation Privacy-First

Giants like Google and Facebook thrive on personal data. In exchange for a list of your likes and topics you search for, they can offer a smarter and more personalized experience.

We specialize in Privacy-First and Privacy-by-Design Digital Transformation because customers understand that their data has value and are beginning to demand reciprocity.  They’re happy to share their personal data in exchange of faster, easier-to-access services in return.