Bots for Business

Learn how to use Bots & AI to automate processes


10x Faster

Bots respond within 5 seconds
while an Agent in 51

10x Faster

The Fastest Way to Power Your Business with AI

Connect with your customer in a way that feels as personal and accessible as texting to a friend but smart and data-driven to drive tangible business results by engaging with your users where they are at.

Automate your company user experience and productivity with

  • WhatsApp for Business INSTANT SIMPLICITY
  • Facebook Messenger REAL LIFE INCLUSION.

Explore intersections of where data and intelligence enable new personalized customer experiences, facilitate seamless online to offline interactions and improve your chances to grow.


More Efficiency and Cost Savings with AI Bots

Efficiency & Cost Savings
Use bots to find answers faster, not documents or information.
Automate your business. Digitize processes. Eliminate manual work. Reduce human errors.

Engage Users with Your own AI Assistant
Whether you have a small business or a global brand, we want to restore the benefits of knowing your users through conversation because it’s the way we humans communicate each other. No more crawling through a knowledge base or waiting for a human response. Allow your customers to get answers and take action using personalized workflows with a privacy-first approach according to the GDPR.

People Relationship with Technology is Shifting

Voice and messaging are the new browser.
Voice and Instant Messaging are the new Websites.
AI is the invisible enabler that make it simple and seamless as texting to a friend.

Simply Speak
Having a conversation between your brand and your customers builds loyalty. We enable customized, tailored and adaptive intelligence to make each experience the best it can be.

Greater Capability and Scale
AI bots are able to solve simple issues while letting advisors focus on the more complex tasks. AI bots can drastically reduce customer wait time. Chatbots reply with five seconds of customer contact, while typical advisors take 51 seconds.


Prefer an Instant Response from Bots than a reply from a Person


Customer Happy to Engage with a Chatbot


AI Bots use in the next 18 months for Real-Time Customer Service

AI Bots enabling new Online to Offline business

  • Voice-first
  • Instant on any device
  • Omnichannel (web, mobile app, Facebook, WhatsApp Business API, Google Assistant, Google Home, Amazon Alexa)

Consolidating the multiple pieces of customer interaction, employee productivity and product experience.

Multi-lingual (70 languages supported).

No need of set up and programming.

Learn how AI Bots can Grow Your Business and Cut Costs

Chatbot use cases

Bots for Real-Time Interactions

Customers demand real-time interactions — which is exactly what chatbots deliver. Given the choice between filling out a website form or getting answers from a chatbot, only 14% of customers would choose the form, according to Salesforce.

Among service teams already using AI chatbots, the most common uses are:

  • Providing self-service in simple scenarios
  • Gathering initial information about a service case before handing off to an agent
  • Providing agents with guidance and recommendations as they handle cases
  • Greeting customers when they call.

Why are your customers calling you again?

It’s long been a fact of life that call centers often receive multiple calls from the same customers. About 20 percent of the calls received were repeats. By simple arithmetic, eliminating the duplicates for a large enterprise would yield annual savings of about $40 million according to McKinsey.

Repeated calls depends on: customer behavior, agent skills, resources and routing, and process gaps. Addressing all four reduced repeat calls by 25 to 50 percent.

Customer-driven reasons for repeat calls include non-digital usage: customers who don’t have—or are reluctant to use—online methods to manage their accounts are frequent repeat callers. By creating easy-to-use systems supported by AI Bots more customers will be willing and able to move to self-care solutions, potentially eliminating the pain points that cause them to call again and again. Entire categories of repeat calls may practically disappear, such as for starting or stopping service, checking the status of a service outage, or confirming that payment has been received.