Voice AI for Business

Use Voice AI & Voice Assistant to grow your Business


3x Faster

Voice is 3x Faster than Typing

Voice-Enabled Business

There is nothing that feels more personal and accessible than speaking.

Voice-assisted AI makes any website, apps and software inquiry a one-shot action.

AI-powered voice assistants are efficiently transforming the world with its smart abilities in conducting natural voice based humans-technology interactions in a natural way while delivering greater efficiency at a given time


Voice AI Solution per Industry

Voice AI Solutions for Retail & Ecommerce

Voice Commerce increases revenue by +30%

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Voice AI Solutions for Banking & Insurance

Conversational Service Automation cuts by 2/3 any operation's time

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Voice AI Solutions for Travel & Hospitality

Voice AI Assistance saves up to 70% customer service costs

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Voice AI

LIFEdata Halo is the simplest enterprise-grade platform for creating and maintaining AI Voice experiences for Conversational Service Automation and Unified Interaction. Your bots, chatbots, voicebots, skills can be published on your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp for Business, and smart assistants, such as Google Home and Alexa.

Your customers want to make their life simpler, not talk to robots so any conversations are built to automate actions.

Voice Assistant and Smart Home

With consumer consent, businesses of all sizes could use an AI-based, digital voice-enabled device to execute simple and semi-complex processes, like balance checking, deposits, payments, and loan processing for banks and financial services —instantly and on a 24/7 basis. In all languages. The older population can get a companion supporting their at-home continuum of care or picture how your next smart home will work very soon.

“Hey Google”- or -”Hey Alexa, search on TV for today’s football match, save it and play it at 8 pm. “. “Shall I turn on the oven, as well?”. “No, I will take care of that, make the dish water ready before 8 pm”.

Voice AI enabling new Online to Offline business

  • Voice-first
  • Instant on any device
  • Omnichannel (web, mobile app, Facebook, WhatsApp Business API, Google Assistant, Google Home, Amazon Alexa)

Consolidating the multiple pieces of customer interaction, employee productivity and product experience.

Multi-lingual (70 languages supported).

No need of set up and programming.

Learn how Voice AI and Voice Assistants can grow your Business