google business messages italia
8 January, 2021

LIFEdata è il primo partner Google Business Messages in Italia

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9 April, 2018
1 min read

Blockchain and longevity investments

Everybody wants to live longer and healthier. But changing behaviors is hard. Health is costing us too much. $ 500-12,000 is the incremental healthcare cost for people suffering from chronic and pre-chronic diseases. Over 70% of US adults have at least one. Almost half have two of more: $ 11,000 Diabetes healthcare cost per year $ 11,482 Cardiovascular disease healthcare...

5 April, 2018
4 min read

Digital health: Healthier through living data

PATIENT ENGAGEMENT THROUGH CONSUMER DEVICES. To deepen engagement, healthcare professionals and organizations increasingly turn to automated technology that gives patients access to self-care, regardless of location or health status – enabling providers to care for more patients, more efficiently and more economically. With built-in intelligence, the technology can send patients self-management recommendations or other educational content based on their responses...

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