11 Maggio, 2019

LIFEdata Omnichannel e Voice @ Viva Tech

Tempo lettura: 1 min

Le soluzioni Omnichannel e voice di LIFEdata saranno protagoniste dei principali eventi tech europei:

  • Digital Transformation World a Nizza
  • Viva Technologies a Parigi.

A Viva Tech siamo parte del lab di Sanofi con soluzioni AI voice-activated e smart.


Ecco un’estratto dal sito global di Sanofi:

Voice-activated and voice-delivered solutions that use artificial intelligence to bring the right medical information to doctors’ ears, instantly.

What is your healthcare solution?
LIFEdata is an intuitive, easy to use AI platform that automates personally tailored conversational experiences across all channels. In terms of user experience, healthcare is no different than any other industry. We expect everything to be seamless and instant. If we want technology to become more human-like then we must train it to have a good memory and remember the context of a conversation.

What inspired you?
Today, websites, mobile apps, chatbots, digital assistants and smart home technology operate in silos: they have little to no contextual awareness. So why don’t we let technology behave in the same way as a human experience?

A Digital Transformation World saremo invece nell’AI track a presentare soluzioni per automazione intelligente e omnichannel



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